The Exile Carpet: Dreamscapes

Dr. Mitchell “Mitch” Brody is one of the top experts in his profession. He excels at solving the medical mysteries of patients and providing empathetic care. One patient, however, confounds him. After a car accident, teenage Tamara has had organ failure, accompanied by strange dreams of the distant past. The dreams are intense. Tamara feels any wound inflicted in the dream. Mitch is at his wits’ end as he tries to diagnose her condition.

Soon, Mitch will realize that science doesn’t have all the answers. The secrets of Tamara’s affliction lie in something else entirely. One key, The Exile Carpet, a strange tapestry that frequently appears in Tamara’s dreams.

To solve the mystery of Tamara and the carpet, Mitch will have to collect seven ancient artifacts. As he travels around Scotland, delving deep into its history and relics, allies and enemies will dog his quest. One group in particular will stop at nothing to destroy Tamara.